We are all part of the same story…

Shot in Paris, Berlin, London, New York, USA, Sarasota, Vancouver, San Jose, and Costa Rica, “The Universality of It All” is a feature-length documentary that focuses on the topics of human migration and inequality, blurring the boundaries between film and documentary through a fresh and nuanced perspective. The film is as intimate, as it is informative as it explains the complexity of human migration by providing valuable data and information, but also by showing how it affects the reality of two friends and their day-to-day lives.

The filmmaker tells the story of his best friend Emad, a Yemeni refugee living in Vancouver, Canada, and by doing so, he ends up arriving at a profound realization about the interconnectedness of all the major events of the 21st century. The film takes the viewer on a journey around the world, analyzing various cases of migration from an economic and historical perspective, while simultaneously delving into the life, thoughts, and experiences of Emad. This back-and-forth juxtaposition between narratives is what allows the audience to see the similarities and correlations that all migrations on earth share.

Other topics addressed include climate change, colonialism, neoliberalism, globalization, identity politics, fertility rates, wealth gaps, trade wars, terrorism, and the media.

Among those interviewed are

  • Catherine De Withol (Research Director at the French National Centre for Scientific Research)
  • Radha S. Hedge (Professor in the Department of Media, Culture and Communication at New York University)
  • Ives Charbit (Professor of Demography, University Paris Descartes)
  • Carlos Sandoval (Columbia Journalism School)
  • Nicolas Boeglin (Professor of International Law at the Law Faculty, University of Costa Rica)

Worldwide critical acclaimed continues to mount through festivals including but not limited to:

  • WINNER – Spotlight Documentary Film Awards (2021)
  • WINNER – Changing Face International Film Festival (2020)
  • SPECIAL JURY MENTION, Documentary Film – Socially Relevant Film Festival (2021)
  • OFFICIAL SELECTION – IOM UN Migration Global Migration Film Festival (2020)
  • OFFICIAL SELECTION – Amsterdam World International Film Festival (2020)
  • OFFICIAL SELECTION – Independent Film Awards Bristol (2021)
  • OFFICIAL SELECTION – Global Cinema Film Festival of Boston (2021)
  • OFFICIAL SELECTION – Voices Rising Film Festival (2021)
  • OFFICIAL SELECTION – Lift Off Global Network Berlin Film Festival (2021)
  • OFFICIAL SELECTION – Bushwick Film Festival (2020)

Documentary / 2020 / 90 minutes / English / A film by Andrés Bronnimann


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