“Writer and Director Barri Chase is a storytelling conductor, interweaving plot, behaviorism, and startling imagery into a filmic symphony. Figurative and literal tension, darkness, respite, and light are all present on this journey. Regardless of background or age, The Watchman’s Canoe is a vessel of reflection and contemplation.” – Agnes Films

Based on true events, the dramatic “The Watchman’s Canoe” follows Jett, a girl of mixed caucasian and indigenous descent, and her struggles with these two labels. Jett has difficulties at school with the teachers and at home with her brother who has dumped her as his best friend to join the local reservation Fort Gang Boys, who relentlessly torment her as she does everything she can to get into their boys only group.

After Jett and her cousin Peedie meet the next door neighbor and tribal watchman, Jett unwillingly embarks on a spiritual journey into the world of Native American story and belief. Thrust into the “spiritual realm” that reflects and refracts tribal society and the force of nature, Jett is tested by several scenarios or “lessons” that awaken her ability to grasp the true meaning of her purpose as a human being.

Filmed entirely in Southern Oregon, The Watchman’s Canoe stars Roger Willie (Windtalkers) and Adam Beach  (Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, WindtalkersFlags  of  Our  Fathers), and introduces locals including Kiri Goodson, who is lovely as Jett, Carter Jon Edwards and Matthew  Johnson.

“The film addresses what it is to find your way in the world, and digs into the ramifications of bullying, making it a timely, noteworthy film” – Pop Culture Beast

“From the outset it’s clear that writer/director Barri Chase wants to make a lyrical, poetic movie about the ethereal nature of Native American mythology.” Dull Wood Experiment

Winner for Best Cinematography at The Covellite International Film Festival

Winner for Best Director and Best Screenplay, Gallup Film Festival

2017 / 101 minutes / Color / A film by Barri Chase


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