One man’s compelling journey to fulfill his lifelong dream – to travel once around the world on his motorbike.

WHATEVER MAY COME is a documentary feature by German director Christian Vogel. He tells the story of his exciting journey around the globe on two wheels – all by himself, equipped only with his camera and his trusty motorbike.

At 34 years of age, Christian Vogel was about to fulfil his life’s dream. He has given up the lease on his apartment and has resigned from his job as TV editor. He wants to accomplish a teenage desire – to go once around the earth on a motor bike.

On May 19th 2015, Christian left his friends and family behind and embarked on an adventurous road trip that took him through 22 nations – 50.000 kilometers, traveling over the span of 333 days. His route took him through the US, Canada, Russia, China and India. Moreover, through long excursions through Mongolia, Pakistan, Nepal and Iran.

“Encourages you to live your dreams” —Koelner Stadt-Anzeiger

The journey does not only hold spectacular moments and unforgettable experiences but also immense challenges and dangers: A severe accident in India leads to the greatest challenge he has ever faced in his life.

More than 400 hours of footage have been utilized for this film. The result is more than an exciting documentary about the experience of life on a two-wheeler. WHATEVER MAY COME is a story about the courage to rise to any challenge and to overcome your fears. For behind the next curve there might be a breathtaking view of the landscape or an abyssal sandpit.

“A story about finding the courage to face all challenges and overcome your fears” — BMM Motorradmagazin

WHATEVER MAY COME is also a journey to the people of our world – and therefore, ultimately a journey to ourselves. An emotional trip that inspires our wanderlust and leaves us wanting to explore the world on a bike as well.

A unique documentary experience which is unprecedented. Christian Vogel did not only travel around the world by himself, but beyond that he filmed the entire trip. Even in the toughest and most dangerous situations he never forgot to turn on his camera.

“A well-told documentary about a global road trip, about the amazing helpfulness of people – and about love!” —

Documentary / 2018 / 121 minutes on 2-discs / English / A film by Christian Vogel


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