Anxiety / Love / Finance / Touring / Lust / Laughter / Happiness / Loneliness / Brawls / Piracy / Practice / Angst and fans who won’t put their cell phone cameras away… It all begs the question: Can you make it in the music business without making it in the music business?

Singer/songwriter, alt-country queen, cow punk, hard rocker… Loveless is the subject of the documentary called Who is Lydia Loveless? in which filmmaker Gorman Bechard (Color Me Obsessed, Every Everything: The Music, Life & Times of Grant Hart) documents the making of Loveless’ next record, as well as following her on the road, and looking into what life is like for a band at Loveless’ level in the music industry. Is she the second coming of Hank Williams or Patti Smith’ or just a bubbling cauldron of hormones and emotions holding steadfast to the ideal of keeping rock & roll alive.

In this, Gorman Bechard’s 4th rock documentary are the answers those questions and a whole lot more.

Bechard said of the film…

“I wanted to look at stuff we normally don’t see a lot of. What are the finances for a band like this? Where does the money go? Who gets the money? Is Spotify good? Is Spotify bad? How does piracy affect you? What about the fans? I really wanted to go into all of that for a band that can still sell out 200-250 seat venues and bars but is still all travelling in an old Ford van. A good night is when they have a couple of hotel rooms. No one is rolling in the dough so to speak. So what is it at that point when you have amazing critical success and acclaim but you’re not there yet?” 

The doc features Lydia Loveless, Todd May, Ben Lamb, Jay Gasper, George Hondroulis.

“Not just for fans of Loveless, but for anyone looking to see what the careers of non- millionaire musicians can really be like.” — Ken Sears, If It’s Too Loud

“If there was any doubt that Loveless could carry the story for nearly two hours, this fear quickly dissipates. Her engaging and reflective thoughtfulness are juxtaposed with a natural ability to throw out hilarious one-liners. The narrative is hardly scripted and the story tells itself with Bechard’s generous attention to Loveless’ journals and notes and her openess to the camera that frame the larger stories the two want to tell. The movie’s pacing allows the story to develop and you become immersed without feeling you’re being rushed through it.” — Steve Wosahla, No Depression Magazine

Rolling Stone cited Loveless as one of its “10 New Artists You Need to Know 2014”

The DVD features extensive bonus material including

  • Commentary with Lydia Loveless and director Gorman Bechard
  • Lydia and Gorman interview each other – March 2017
  • Gorman gets a Lydia Loveless tattoo video
  • Original opening scene ‘Who is Lydia Loveless?’
  • ‘Out On Love,’ acoustic living room performance
  • ‘Desire,’ acoustic living room performance
  • Who is Lydia Loveless? – Take One
  • Who is Lydia Loveless? – Take Two
  • ‘Bilbao’ music video
  • The History of The Cameltoe Troubadours

Who is Lydia Loveless? is proof positive that the future of rock & roll is alive and well in a brilliant 5-foot tall spitfire from Columbus, Ohio.

2016 / 112 minutes / color & b/w / 16×9 / English / A film by Gorman Bechard


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