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From producer Ron Small (Circle Unbroken, Surviving Birkenau) comes the first in a new series exploring Traditional Wild America.

Can a film about outdoor adventure and hunting also be a film about history, culture and conservation?

“In this program, tradition is honored and shared with pride like a gift centuries in the making. And perhaps the greatest traditions are those that connect man to nature and teach boys and girls to be careful stewards of its bounty.” – Charleston Mercury

Integrity Broadcasting Network’s first in a series of “Traditional Wild America” programs aims to do just that. In this inaugural program, viewers join duck hunters and outdoor adventure enthusiasts to the blind to be among a group of revered sportsmen visiting South Carolina’s famed Santee Delta. They join three Charlestonians as they hunt ducks with classic double guns in a rice field in a program that is fast-paced and multifaceted. During the adventure, viewers additionally learn about the region’s vast history, old decoy collecting and the area’s extremely strong conservation ethic.

Historical Context:

The Santee Delta was once the location of an important section of the Rice Kingdom and an enslaved labor force whose descendants have provided a lasting Gullah culture. This program provides a rare and intimate glimpse in the Delta today.

Social life and sport also go hand in hand while the group and the viewers alike enjoy the delights of an oyster roast, the festive nature of a bourbon tasting and even the cooking of a wild duck breast. It is an old school experience and as the filmmakers say… “there’s plenty of room in the boat for this adventure, so come aboard.”

Featured in the program… the sportsmen… are co-hosts Charles W. Waring, III and Gus Smythe who are joined by Hans Offringa and Pierre Manigault.

The DVD includes three bonus segments:

  • Gun Safety for Kids (6 mins)
  • Venison Mustard Fry (3.5 mins)
  • The Traditional Wild America Bloody Mary (4.5 mins)

2019 / 48 minutes / color / English / 16×9 / A film by Gus Smythe


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