From Gorman Bechard, the director of ‘Pizza: A Love Story‘… comes the story of a musical prodigy who left us way too soon. Explored is the music, life & passions of the rock n roll genius, from Wilco through his solo career to his untimely and tragic death.

A feature-length documentary about Jay Bennett, the legendary musician and recording studio savant who, as a member of Wilco, was a large part of the genius behind their three seminal albums (Being There, Summerteeth, and Yankee Hotel Foxtrot — he co-wrote most of Summerteeth and YHF with Jeff Tweedy), as well as the Mermaid Avenue/Woody Guthrie sessions with Billy Bragg. Bennett went on to a critically acclaimed solo career, before dying tragically at the age of 45.

“Jay Bennett is one of the least known geniuses of popular music. His name should be mentioned in the same breath as Brian Wilson and Brian Eno, but he has been unfairly cast, by an earlier documentary film, as the necessary villain of the early Wilco story. A poignant, moving, celebration of a true innovator in music who tragically passed before his time. Where Are You, Jay Bennett? is the product of 10 years of work, and it shows. I’ve just attended the world premiere and I can say, without doubt, that this is a story that needed to be told.” – Kris Basile, IMDB

Jay Bennett wore so many musical hats, virtually all of them, from guitar to the Hammond, from electronics to songwriting and performance. His talents were ultra far reaching and knew no bounds.

The physical DVD/Bluray Combo set features extensive bonus material including:

  •     The Ken Coomer interview
  •     World Premiere interview with directors moderated by Andy Leech of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
  •     Commentary from co-director Gorman Bechard
  •     Jay’s Mom Remembers
  •     The Billy Bragg Interview
  •     Jay Bennett Tribute Concert
  •     Ketchup, Ketchup, and More Ketchup
  •     Deleted Scenes
  •     Interview with filmmakers conducted by Brian Otting

105 minutes / 2021 / 2 discs (Bluray – DVD Combo) / A film by Gorman Bechard.


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